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China’s fledgling RV and campground industries are met by tremendous market potential which creates opportunities unfound elsewhere for international marketers and investors.

Despite current worldwide economic downturn, China's economy has outperformed expectations and will be back on track soon with increasing domestic demand driven by consumer and government spending.

Don't miss the opportunity to get in and grow your business in China.

A booming economy creates ever increasing disposable income

Chinese currencyThe social and economic reform over the past 30 years has brought fundamental changes to China. With a 10.7% growth rate for 2006 and the resulting $2.68 trillion GDP, China today boasts the world’s third largest economy. Its burgeoning economy has unleashed unprecedented purchasing power, especially among the rapidly growing middle class, which is estimated to rise to 100 million people in 2010. Accoring to a recent McKinsey report, China is expected to have more than 4 million wealthy households by 2015, making it the world's fourth largest country in terms of number of wealthy families trailing the U.S., Japan, and U.K. China became the world’s No. 2 vehicle market in 2006 as its overall vehicle sales rose 25.1% to 7.2 million units and in January 2009, China's auto sales exceeded the U.S to become No. 1. Total car ownership, by Chinese researchers’ estimate, could begin to exceed that of the U.S. by 2020.

More leisure time spent away from home

crowd_in_subway_sChinese are spending more on travel and recreational activities. A 2006 World Travel & Tourism Council report states that, from 2001 to 2005, more than 200 million Chinese traveled to holiday destinations during the “Golden Week” holidays, adding $8.7 billion into the economy. Total travel and tourism spending in 2006 is estimated to have grown by 14% to $354 billion. An earlier WTTC report states that China’s tourism industry is poised to become the world’s second largest travel and tourism economy after the U.S. by 2015, with a projected annual growth rate of 8.7% between 2007 and 2016. China's travel and tourism spending will grow even larger with government's recent initiatives to provide incentives for vacationers.

Abundant tourism resources and improved infrastructure

fall_scenic_route_sChina’s long history, cultural and ethnic diversity, geographical expanse, the nation’s scenic diversity and natural endowments have long been attracting millions of tourists each year. Traditional air-hotel or train-hotel is still the common mode of traveling. However, more and more families now opt for “DIY vacationing” – driving to destinations for camping and outdoor activities - thanks to the increased private car ownership, newly developed campsites, and improved highway system. Campground developers see the business opportunity and have been building campsites to suit the tent camping crowds. Campground operators are ready to expand to accommodate the new breed of vacationers - China's first generation RVers. Destination camping with trailer rentals is becoming popular in China.