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We are in the process of getting the following "web ready". Please come back for more. 

How-to articles on doing business with China, including

  • Setting up operations;
  • Marketing and selling in the fragmented markets;
  • Building relationships with local partners;
  • Navigating regulatory maze;
  • Sourcing from China;
  • Identifying and qualifying Chinese suppliers;
  • Working with suppliers to achieve quality and on-time delivery at best total ownership costs
  • and much more! 

Need-to-know information on

  • Industry stats
  • Regulatory development and compliance
  • General information

Web directory

  • Regulatory and standard agencies
  • RV manufacturers
  • RV suppliers
  • Service companies
  • Campground operators and developers
  • Manufacturers of campground equipment and supplies
  • Manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment and supplies
  • Others