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Written by CRVC   
Saturday, 02 May 2009 00:00


If people hardly see any motorized RVs on highways in China these days, they are for sure not seeing any towables at all. China hasn’t been very clear about travel trailers and other towable RVs, making it a major hurdle to selling towables in China. Consumers are hesitant to make purchases for fear of not being able to operate a towable on highway.

One recent development caught media’s attention and could signal a major step forward in terms of China’s rules and regulations about RVs. This past April in Beijing a small travel trailer (iCamp by CenTech Specialty Vehicles, a RVIA member) was issued what many people believe to be the first license for a towable RV in China. Although it’s not clear how significant it is and if other cities and provinces will follow suit, the iCamp case is a welcoming sign that could mean the beginning of the end of uncertainties for towables in China.