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Written by CRVC   
Monday, 06 July 2009 00:00

Auto ShenyangChinese appetite for affordable family cars has never been so strong, especially after the government provided new incentives for more fuel efficient vehicles late last year. Shoppers will again have an opportunity to kick tires at the auto show opening this week in north China’s Shenyang. The difference this time is that visitors will see American made RVs at the show. For many well-to-do Chinese families, RVs may very well be on their wish list (if not shopping list). Being able to see and check out RVs at the show will certainly help bring these families one step closer to owning a RV and become the first generation of Chinese RVers.

The U.S.-made RVs displayed at the auto show, according to Chinese online media, are Class C motorhomes manufactured by Jayco. This is not the first time that U.S. made RVs are shown at an auto show. Although sources can not be verified, it is suggested that the RVs are brought in by Hehe Dalian, a Chinese import trading company. Other Chinese trading companies are following suit and importing foreign made RVs, including Winnebago’s Class Cs and European made Class Bs such as Burstner, to meet consumers’ demands. All these efforts on the Chinese side are good news for international RV makers who should step up their efforts to take advantage of the opportunities in China.