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Written by CRVC   
Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00

MovieTen years ago a Chinese movie entitled Make It Count let many Chinese see a RV for the first time. In the movie, the main character (a Chinese immigrant) is a happy-go-lucky Jack of all trades who lives in an Airstream. The comedy was a hit and had a good box office record. Chinese viewers were amazed by the RV lifestyle.

Ten years later, another movie is set for its opening night next month in China. Love At Seventh Sight, a love story about a recording artist from Hong Kong and a beautiful novelist from Beijing, is directed by Alfred Cheung who himself had dreamt about the worry-free lifestyle of RVing during his college years. In the film, the young man and the girl met in Beijing and went on a RV vacation. The film encourages today’s young people to go outdoor, to find love and embrace life.

Consumer awareness of the RV lifestyle is critical for the industry. Hopefully the film will help more and more Chinese consumers become aware of RVs and love them at first sight.


Love at Seventh Sight