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Written by CRVC   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 00:00
Green lightThree Chinese "National Standards" on RVs became effective June 1st, 2009, which could signal more RV-related standards are in the works and will become effective in the near future. The long-awaited standards came in at the right time and were applauded by the RV and campground industries.


Lack of RV standards has long been a major hurdle to the industries' growth. Because China didn't have its standards on RVs, there wasn't any official definitions for RVs. Laws and regulations on vehicle registration and driver's license don't clearly spell out the requirements for RVs. People in the RV business as well as consumers are shooting in the dark and hope they won't have any issues. With introduction of the new RV standards, the uncertainties will be addressed and the industry and consumers will finally rest assured about their RVs.

The three national standards (GB/T 22550-2008, GB/T 22551-2008, and GB/T 22552-2008) are based on ISO standards. They cover "leisure accommodation vehicles" (motorhomes and towables but not park models). People in the industry noted that the standards, for the first time, give definitions for travel trailers, which is significant in that it'll clear the way for new rules and regulations concerning RVs in terms of vehicle registration, driver's license, import compliance, and other regulatory compliance. Current Chinese laws on traffic and safety do not specify RVs, neither motorhomes nor towables, leaving both law enforcement and consumers in the dark: Can travel trailers be towed on highways? What class of driver license is required to operate a RV? How to import a RV and have it registered? It's expected that new legislations will be introduced to clarify the uncertainties. After all, the government is currently doing its best to encourage consumer spending. There has already been report that China issued its first license to a travel trailer last April.