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China RV and Camping is a business information portal supported by Synorica Resources. Working together with our partners in China, we supply industry related information, provide an online community, and bring a wealth of experience in business development, strategic advice, and sales and marketing solutions to CRVC. Our goal is to facilitate and assist international marketers to do business in China, help Chinese adopt RV lifestyle and grow China into one of the leading RV markets in the world.

As an ongoing effort to promote RVs and introduce international RV makers to China, we also hold an annual event – RV China - to provide an opportunity for the industry to get together. RV China serves as a platform for industry leaders, investors, and policymakers to exchange ideas, develop contacts, showcase products and services, and promote RV business in China.

We work closely with RV makers and suppliers in China. We are expanding connections with industries such as automotive parts, household appliances, home furnishing, and aftermarkets as well as outdoor sports and camping goods. Our efforts benefit Chinese campground developers and operators in gaining knowledge and developing relationships with international partners.

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